You might be from Chicago if…

You Might Be From Chicago If…
1. You’ve ever had to switch from heat to A/C (or vice versa) in the same day.
2. You get extremely irritated when you hear people from other states pronounce the “S” at the end of “Illinois.”
3. Grocery stores have bags, not sacks.
4. You drink pop.
5. You’re convinced that the people who say you speak with an accent are crazy.
6. The names Stevenson, Eisenhower, and Kennedy mean more to you than just political figures.
7. You refer to Chicago as “the city” and to Lake Michigan as “the lake.”
8. You measure distance in minutes/hours.
9. You go to Indiana for fireworks.
10. You think people from Northwest Indiana don’t know how to drive.
11. You get pissed off at the people from Wisconsin who claim YOU don’t know how to drive.
12. Your favorite football teams are the Bears and any team that beats the Packers.
13. Every year at your neighborhood block party, a brawl breaks out over which baseball team is better.
14. You’ve ever used pieces of furniture (like couches, for example) to save your parking spot in the winter.
15. There are no such things as “freeways,” only “expressways” and “tollways.”
16. No cop, no stop.
17. The “L” is more than just a letter of the alphabet.
18. You know that there really is an East Side of Chicago, and it ain’t Lake Michigan!
19. You can’t tie your shoes, but you know the number for Empire Carpet (and the accompanying song) from memory.
20. When you hear the words “North/South Rivalry,” you don’t think of the Civil War.
21. You understand the significance of 708, 312, 773, 630, 847, and 815.
22. Everything south of I-80 is considered Southern Illinois.
23. You carry jumper cables in your car.
24. You know why they REALLY call Chicago “The Windy City.”
25. You can always spot at least one car running in a store parking lot with no one in it, no matter what time of year.
26. You have no problem spelling or pronouncing “Des Plaines.”
27. Your school classes were ever cancelled because of cold, whether or not there was snow on the ground.
28. Your school classes were ever cancelled because of heat.
29. You understand what “lake effect” means.
30. You know what goes on a Chicago Style hot dog.
31. “Deep dish” is the only kind of pizza you will eat.