Toy Blast Level 158 Tips

Focus on clearing the corners and middle with torpedoes and TNT. Beyond that, chain reactions with torpedoes help–but be sure to avoid making a cube power up before you’ve cleared much of the board. You’ll end up having to waste it and the moves it took to create and clear.

Toy Blast Level 157 Tips

You have 48 clears to make in 30 moves. Usually, with bubbles, that isn’t too bad, but on this level, the shape of the board makes the singles on the edge harder to clear. Don’t worry too much about the eggs. Make sure you make each move clear as many bubbles as possible. Even with that you’ll still need some luck to get through.

Toy Blast Level 156 Tips

You’re likely going to have to make a couple of moves to position like-colored blocks next to bricks to clear them. Once you clear a few blocks (hopefully up higher), you should be able to get some power-ups. Clear torpedo-making block combos above the toys on the chance that you’ll get a vertical one that will clear the toy. Otherwise, torpedo-torpedo or torpedo-TNT combos will help clear a pathway for the toys.