You might be a Broadway musical lover if…

  1. You hear a phrase and can tell which musical it came from.
  2. You hear a sentence in a song, and you can’t help, but to sing the rest of the song.
  3. You know all the dance steps.
  4. You do all the Dance steps.
  5. and sing, You don’t care who sees you.
  6. You tell your friends a sentence, and ask them which musical, act, scene, song, it came from and which character says that line.
  7. You own more than 2 musical soundtracks, and they are so worn out, you have to replace them every 5 years.
  8. You sing instead of speaking. (constantly)
  9. You know “Timing is Everything” even in every day life.
  10. You name your pets and kids after characters on your favorite musicals. (my cat is named Roger, from Rent)
  11. You suggest at least 2 different musicals you want to see put on stage in your community theatre, and you want to direct it, and you already have a good idea how it’s going to look on stage. And you have a basic idea who are going to be your cast and crew, for every role.
  12. You are involved in 3 different community theatres, because each theatre has musicals different times of the year, so you are always involved in a musicals all year round. (no straight plays for you)
  13. You get annoyed when someone doesn’t sing the correct lines, and you try to help them learn it correctly.
  14. Every Halloween you are a character from a musical, and get offended if people don’t guess correctly, and if they Have no clue what that musical is after you tell them.
  15. You love to tell people your version of the Synopsis.
  16. You know what a Synopsis is.
  17. Your synopsis even include the words to every song.
  18. and who sings them.
  19. People run and hide if you say the word “Synopsis”
  20. You think $60 for a broadway ticket is worth it, and would pay again, within the same year. (especially your favorite musical)
  21. You have a website decicated to musicals.
  22. You have ONE website PER musical. (with links)
  23. You start your own Musical update Emailing list, and get upset when no one has joined, since you put it up a year ago.
  24. You don’t understand how other people can’t appericate GOOD music.
  25. People don’t understand how you can stand GOOD music.
  26. You get offended by that remark.
  27. You take a charter bus with everyone in your commuity theatre to go to New York to see a Broadway Musical, and it’s been booked in a year in advanced.
  28. You MAKE sure that trip to New York is planned out. (don’t want to miss that opportunity)
  29. You cried when your Favorite musical doesn’t play on Broadway anymore
  30. You get excited, because in a few years, you can have it put on in your own Community theatre. (look at #11)
  31. You built a webpage to find random musical soundtracks.

Toy Blast Level 120 Tips

This level doesn’t leave you enough moves to meet the goal if you don’t focus on clearing one side. Start from the second level of building blocks on whichever side lets you clear two at a time (right side with the yellow blocks in this case). Clear from that one down to the bottom, hopefully getting a torpedo/TNT combo at some point to speed things along.