TwoDots Level 26 Tips and Strategy

The high dot quota for this level makes it all about squares.

Make a inverted L clearing of three dots in either the lower left (purple) or lower right (blue).

The lower left seems to set up better square opportunities for me, but that could just be a personal thing.

Clear two dot horizontals to reposition for squares when necessary.

TwoDots Level 72 Tips and Strategy

You have a small number of moves to get the anchors down.

Work on clearing squares to drill down through the middle. Make sure that the square you’re clearing is going to clear a dot touching some part of the flame.

Be sure not to clear down to the bottom without having a solid route to continue clearing fire dots, because once you separate the fire, it will grow twice as fast.

Once you’ve split the fire, you’ll want to use squares to continue clearing dots that touch both sections of fire if possible.

Maintain a relatively clean board, because you’ll need to make a few squares after the first four anchors drop in order to hit your 6 anchor quota.

TwoDots Level 107 Tips and Strategy

Clear the two dots under the sand blocks in the middle first.

Clear some at the top before using the white and green squares at the bottom.

Prioritize squares based on how much playing area they will open up.

Avoid getting yourself in a position where squares aren’t 1-2 moves away. (I avoid bomb-making squares, but that may just be a personal preference.)

TwoDots Level 109 Tips and Strategy

This level is all about making big squares.

Remember that any time you complete an enclosed shape larger than a 2×2 square, it counts as a square. If you enclose dots that aren’t part of the outline of the shape, they turn into bombs. I found myself making at least one L-shaped shape (joining 3 3×3 squares) because there was at least one dot for each 3×3 square that was a different color.

Make sure to remember that the dots in columns with open spaces fall at twice the rate of the columns with only dots.

It helps to restart until you have at least one 3×3 square that you can complete within the first two moves, just because it temporarily reduces the number of colors surrounding the open spaces that you’ll have to match up to make the next square.


TwoDots Level 135 Tips and Strategy

imageAs of version 1.1.2, level 135 is pretty close to impossible. I fully expect a “rebalance” of the level on the next TwoDots update.

With near-perfect runs of squares, you can get stuck with one anchor left and one or two moves away from completion. If the level had fire, my phone would be a shattered mess at this point.

Clear the blocks downward as quickly and to the right as possible. You need to have almost 20 moves left once the first set of anchors are gone.

Squares are absolutely essential because the anchors only come with every so many rows cleared, so you need to be clearing all of a single color each time.

If you get stuck repositioning for more than a single move, I’d recommend bailing out of the game and burning a life. It’s not worth the frustration.

TwoDots Level 134 Tips and Strategy

Level 134 pretty much flips around your expectations of blocks and fire on boards.

You have a high enough quota of colored dots to clear that you can’t spend too much focus containing the fire. Keep it at bay, but don’t pass up moves that will clear a lot of dots (especially squares), even if taking them mean that the fire will spread a little.

Clear the line at the top first.

From there, work down a side, opening up blocks containing one fire square at a time, trying to keep the number of spreading fire sources to one connected set at a time.

Again, contain the fire, but don’t pass up aggressive clearing moves. Go for those first.

TwoDots Level 133 Tips and Strategy

You’ll start level 133 with a 3×3 square ready on the right side, and sometimes a 2×2 square of the same color elsewhere on the board. Save those until you’ve used up better options for moves. It’s actually best served as a kind of “shuffle” option for your board.

The board flows from the bottom of the left column to the top of the right column, so you can use some strategic moves on the right to realign the left side of the board to make a square.

Focus on moves with the most numbers of ice breaks per move. (If squares can be completed, they usually are the best option.)

This isn’t a hard board, but you can’t sleep walk through it like a few other boards.

TwoDots Level 132 Strategy and Tips

Level 132 starts with all red dots on the board. How can you go wrong?

I’ve tried a few combinations, from single squares to completing the entire perimeter, and it seems that tracing the entire perimeter doesn’t set you up any worse than a simple square does, and you get a few bonus dots from the bombs left behind.

The key from here is to think very carefully about your path to getting your next square setup. If you botch an opportunity, you’ll end up digging yourself out and wasting a ton of moves.

You should be able to make a square every other move or so. If you spend more than 3 moves setting up a square, seriously considering bailing on the game.

The good news is that if you complete squares with regularity, you’ll finish with plenty of moves left.