Toy Blast Level 157 Tips

You have 48 clears to make in 30 moves. Usually, with bubbles, that isn’t too bad, but on this level, the shape of the board makes the singles on the edge harder to clear. Don’t worry too much about the eggs. Make sure you make each move clear as many bubbles as possible. Even with that you’ll still need some luck to get through.

Toy Blast Level 163 Tips

Make torpedoes in different columns from the top down and activate horizontal ones or pair them to get horizontal clears. It’s pretty easy to get stuck in situation where you’re clearing the same area repeatedly, so think ahead on this level because the moves go by quickly.

Toy Blast Level 132 Tips

Contain the ice either by making clearing blocks next to it a priority or by blocking out with the piggy banks. Be sure to clear the ice from top to bottom as much as possible, so that you have more possible block combinations that will help avoid losing ground.

Toy Blast Level 156 Tips

You’re likely going to have to make a couple of moves to position like-colored blocks next to bricks to clear them. Once you clear a few blocks (hopefully up higher), you should be able to get some power-ups. Clear torpedo-making block combos above the toys on the chance that you’ll get a vertical one that will clear the toy. Otherwise, torpedo-torpedo or torpedo-TNT combos will help clear a pathway for the toys.

Experiment: Acquiring Bitcoin without Losing Your Shirt

If you have a Bitcoin earning site that you go to, post a comment and a small write-up about your experience and I’ll approve it (with referral links, even!) as long as it isn’t spammy.

Bitcoin Faucet + Gambling: (referral link)

Faucet: offers a BTC payout equivalent to about 0.2¢ or $0.002, with an occasional 10x, 100x, etc., at 1/10th, 1/100th, etc., the frequency. The “Free BTC” game/faucet requires you to wait 60 minutes in between plays

Hi/Lo: you can play a Hi-Lo game with a 5% house advantage. The 2x play is slightly better odds than betting Red/Black.

Lottery: Pays out about 63% of the face value (one satoshi) of total tickets, but you get two free tickets for every faucet draw.

Withdrawal: You have to get to 0.00030000 BTC to make a withdrawal, so if you only collect from the faucet at 12 hours per day, you’re going to take about 4 months for a ~$2 payout at current rates.

Pure Bitcoin Faucet

99 Bitcoins Bitcoin Faucet

Faucet: offers a BTC payment equivalent to 0.07¢, but you can claim every 5 minutes for a max of 120 times per day. With BTC at around $8,500, the faucet payout is about 9 Satoshi, with a “seniority” bonus if you use the faucet for consecutive 30 day periods.

Withdrawal: Automatically pays out at 13k+ Satoshi every Sunday, so you can actually acquire Satoshi in your wallet within about a month if persistent. (I’m only at 7800 Satoshi because I only bother when I’m trying to kill time anyway.)

Cloud Miner (avoid)

I stumbled upon this type of bitcoin option, just wondering if anyone had tried to do this. One odd thing I found is that, while you get “free” mining capacity, you have to “buy” capacity in order to make a withdrawal. When I signed up, the site (micro btc) was offering a whopping 30GH/s of mining capacity for “free”. That’s not a ton of capacity, but that’s by no means free in terms of electricity use, and would take half a year to get to a withdrawal minimum. Still, it seemed too good to be true, because zero effort or money was involved in order to feel like you were making real bitcoin.

Well, naturally… is a scam: how i got scammed

You might be a hipster if…

You might be a hipster if…

  • You eat kale in a form that doesn’t involve cooking it down with some kind of meat fat.
  • You buy clothes from thrift stores for a reason that isn’t purely financial.
  • You live in a neighborhood that people two decades ago wouldn’t have walked through in broad daylight, but paid more per square foot than any other area of town would demand.
  • By the time anyone else listens to a band, you’ve moved on because they’re “too mainstream”.
  • You’ve gentrified every food that poor people used to enjoy before you made it “artisanal”.
  • You’ve paid more for a hamburger off of a food truck than your average person pays for 3 pounds of ground beef.
  • You line up for a half an hour for a food truck that charges more than a decent restaurant would for the same item.
  • You’d pay 500 per square foot for a trailer just because it had wood exterior and a composing toilet.
  • You wear glasses that maximize their presence by their shape or the thickness of their rims.
  • You’ve ever dressed ironically.
  • You seek out beers to drink that have nearly gone extinct due to their waning popularity (and questionable flavor.)
  • You have a ukelele that isn’t a toy.
  • You own a fixie.
  • You are against virtually anything that is mass-produced, but always have the latest iPhone.
  • You’ve spent more on Himalayan salt than normal groceries.
  • You’ve tried to figure out how close to a vegan diet your cat can eat.
  • You’ve retrofitted anything brand new with ancient technology that absolutely no one else uses (an 8-track in your Prius? Really?)
  • You were hipster before it was cool.