Experiment: Acquiring Bitcoin without Losing Your Shirt

If you have a Bitcoin earning site that you go to, post a comment and a small write-up about your experience and I’ll approve it (with referral links, even!) as long as it isn’t spammy.

Bitcoin Faucet + Gambling:

FreeBitco.in (referral link)

Faucet: offers a BTC payout equivalent to about 0.2¢ or $0.002, with an occasional 10x, 100x, etc., at 1/10th, 1/100th, etc., the frequency. The “Free BTC” game/faucet requires you to wait 60 minutes in between plays

Hi/Lo: you can play a Hi-Lo game with a 5% house advantage. The 2x play is slightly better odds than betting Red/Black.

Lottery: Pays out about 63% of the face value (one satoshi) of total tickets, but you get two free tickets for every faucet draw.

Withdrawal: You have to get to 0.00030000 BTC to make a withdrawal, so if you only collect from the faucet at 12 hours per day, you’re going to take about 4 months for a ~$2 payout at current rates.

Pure Bitcoin Faucet

99 Bitcoins Bitcoin Faucet

Faucet: offers a BTC payment equivalent to 0.07¢, but you can claim every 5 minutes for a max of 120 times per day. With BTC at around $8,500, the faucet payout is about 9 Satoshi, with a “seniority” bonus if you use the faucet for consecutive 30 day periods.

Withdrawal: Automatically pays out at 13k+ Satoshi every Sunday, so you can actually acquire Satoshi in your wallet within about a month if persistent. (I’m only at 7800 Satoshi because I only bother when I’m trying to kill time anyway.)

Cloud Miner (avoid)

I stumbled upon this type of bitcoin option, just wondering if anyone had tried to do this. One odd thing I found is that, while you get “free” mining capacity, you have to “buy” capacity in order to make a withdrawal. When I signed up, the site (micro btc) was offering a whopping 30GH/s of mining capacity for “free”. That’s not a ton of capacity, but that’s by no means free in terms of electricity use, and would take half a year to get to a withdrawal minimum. Still, it seemed too good to be true, because zero effort or money was involved in order to feel like you were making real bitcoin.

Well, naturally… micro-btc.com is a scam: how i got scammed