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Snow Portmanteau

The following are ways of expressing the snow hysteria (especially on Twitter): snOMG snowmageddon snoWTF ohsnowudidnt snoverkill snowicane snopacalypse Added: Some other snow portmanteau may be found on A Daily Portmanteau: Snowmenclature, including:  snovice, snowhere, snowonder, snowbegone, snowmad, state of snomergency, snoway, snovacaine, snoxious, snowbotomy, snooky, snowcreation, snaction… From TSNONami – tSNOnami, SNOzilla, SNOlycrap, SNOtards, SNOverated, […]

You might be annoying your Facebook friends if…

You standard response to any emergency is to post its occurrence as your status, then deal with the emergency. …bonus points if you solicit advice for handling the emergency via Facebook. You take every “What kind of …. are you?” quiz possible, including the “What kind of chia pet are you??” quiz.  (I’m hope that […]

You might be making your coworkers uncomfortable if…

(See also Grumpy Coworker) you ask your black coworkers why their people are always trying to keep the white man down. you openly discuss your menstrual cycle. If someone points out the fact that you’re a man, bring them up on sexual harassment charges. you push your desk away from any direct sunlight because “it […]