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Ups and Downs of Working Remotely

Downside: “F— this, I’m goin home” doesn’t have the same impact when you’re ACTUALLY AT HOME. Downside: You lose some ability to discern what’s acceptable to wear in public. (Dirty workout gear? 5-day old jeans?) Upside: No one can see you working. Downside: No one can see you working. Downside: For those with office-dwelling co-workers, […]

The Degrees of Happy Birthday

Inspired by: My favorite thing on facebook right now are the people who send”HBD!” Posts for people’s birthdays. Like really? Talk about least you can do — BJ Wysoske (@bjwysoske) March 25, 2015 There are varying degrees of actually caring to greet someone “Happy Birthday”, from lowest to highest: Facebook: Liking birthday celebrant’s “Thanks for […]

HGTV drinking game

Take a drink any time you hear the following while watching any home network/reality show: Jack and Jill bathrooms double vanity stainless steel open concept “We like to entertain” gourmet kitchen tall ceilings “we’re pregnant” Complete shock that major overhaul renovation turned up major issues with the house. granite two drinks for “wanting to rip out dated/ugly […]

“Shit Happens” from a Social Media Perspective

In the style of the Shit Happens list: Foursquare: I am mayor of this toilet. Twitter: That Mexican food hit me wrong. (Someone who is keen on maintaining their “personal brand”) I need to shit. (Everyone else) Facebook: The inside joke type:  “The Nope strikes again.” [where your inside crowd nickname for a Mexican place […]

Snow Portmanteau

The following are ways of expressing the snow hysteria (especially on Twitter): snOMG snowmageddon snoWTF ohsnowudidnt snoverkill snowicane snopacalypse Added: Some other snow portmanteau may be found on A Daily Portmanteau: Snowmenclature, including:  snovice, snowhere, snowonder, snowbegone, snowmad, state of snomergency, snoway, snovacaine, snoxious, snowbotomy, snooky, snowcreation, snaction… From TSNONami – tSNOnami, SNOzilla, SNOlycrap, SNOtards, SNOverated, […]

Types of Meetings

Meeting before the meeting – A select group of people, usually from the same team, decide what the “correct outcome” of the main meeting is supposed to be. When the main meeting comes, the co-conspirators stick to their guns about what must be done. Meeting after the meeting – Often, the people who were run over […]