The Degrees of Happy Birthday

Inspired by:

There are varying degrees of actually caring to greet someone “Happy Birthday”, from lowest to highest:

  1. Facebook: Liking birthday celebrant’s “Thanks for all the birthday wishes”
  2. Facebook: Liking someone else’s birthday greeting.
  3. Facebook wall post: “HBD”
  4. Facebook wall post: “Happy B-day” or other partial abbreviation.
  5. Facebook wall post: “Happy Birthday” (bonus for exclamation points)
  6. Facebook status on your own page: “Happy Birthday {mention person’s name}” (or Twitter public mention)
  7. Text message.
  8. Sending an actual physical card.
  9. Calling the person in real life.

(Numbers 7-9 may vary in order depending on the introverted nature of the person performing the greeting.)

HGTV drinking game

Take a drink any time you hear the following while watching any home network/reality show:

  • Jack and Jill bathrooms
  • double vanity
  • stainless steel
  • open concept
  • “We like to entertain”
  • gourmet kitchen
  • tall ceilings
  • “we’re pregnant”
  • Complete shock that major overhaul renovation turned up major issues with the house.
  • granite
    • two drinks for “wanting to rip out dated/ugly granite”
  • People scoffing at an “old” house less than half their own age.
  • travertine
  • appeal to the designer’s or contractor’s expertise when asked to do the impossible within time and/or budget
  • yoga studio/hockey rink or any large single-purpose area
  • engineered hardwood
  • [state you’re in] room