You might be a child of the 80s if…

You might be an child of the 80s if…
1. You are more in love with New Kids On The Block than N’Sync.
2. Shopping is still your favorite past-time.
3. Rambo is still your hero.
4. You own every single Rocky film on DVD.
5. You love to shop at Gadzooks because of some of the novelty t-shirts they sell.
6. You really DO wear your sunglasses at night.
7. Your Trans-Am is dubbed your “pride and joy”.
8. You still proudly wear three quarter length t-shirts.
9. You still proudly wear spandex.
10. You will never part with your G.I. Joe sheet set.
11. Looking back,you wish you’d taped every episode of Knight Rider.
12. You wake up at 8 AM every Saturday moring,only to be disappointed because The Smurfs aren’t on anymore.
13. The only games you ever play at the arcade are:Pac-Man,Space Invaders,Pole Position,Centipede and Galaxian.
14. You are in your twenties and songs from the 80s drive you to reminisce about the days you were a kid.
15. You miss the ritual of watching The Dukes Of Hazzard every Friday night.
You remember the great “Smurfs vs. Snorks” debate
…you still participate in that debate.

You can name every one of the Transformers
…you still have every one of the Transformers
…and still play with them

When someone says ho, you think “Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats…”
…you still have a crush on Panthro

You remember “Mask”
…and have been caught humming the theme song
…in the last 2 hours

You instinctively leave the house whenever Soul Train comes on
…no matter what time
…or what day

“By the power of Grayskull…”

You still bear emotional scars from having to play Kowl during playground She-Ra games.
…you remember which one was Kowl

17. You know Alf from the television show, not from those annoying 10-10-whatever commercials.

18. You emailed corrections for “I Love the ’80s” to VH1.

19. You remember the original airing of most of the videos on VH1 Classic.

20. VH1 Classic is your favorite channel
…and you’re under 30.

21. You know which Corey was which
…people still ask you to clarify
…because of the Tiger-Beat t-shirt
-your kid’s first word was “grody to the max”, “gag me with a spoon”, or “that’s like, so bitchin'”
-you like the New Monkees better than you like the Monkees
-you’ve actually seen an episode of the New Monkees
-you’ve actually seen every episode
-and bought the album
-you still think red M&M’s are a big deal
-you could really go for Penguin’s
-you know that last one is referring to frozen yogurt
-you prefer Pseudo Echo’s version of “Funkytown” to Lipps Inc’s version
-you’re aware that Pseudo Echo did a version of “Funkytown”
-you have heard of Pseudo Echo
-you know who Gordon Shumway is.
-you still think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is cool.
-you actually tried calling in sick to work by saying you had “Pac-Man fever”
-“the 9th key” has any signifigance to you.