TwoDots Level 135 Tips and Strategy

imageAs of version 1.1.2, level 135 is pretty close to impossible. I fully expect a “rebalance” of the level on the next TwoDots update.

With near-perfect runs of squares, you can get stuck with one anchor left and one or two moves away from completion. If the level had fire, my phone would be a shattered mess at this point.

Clear the blocks downward as quickly and to the right as possible. You need to have almost 20 moves left once the first set of anchors are gone.

Squares are absolutely essential because the anchors only come with every so many rows cleared, so you need to be clearing all of a single color each time.

If you get stuck repositioning for more than a single move, I’d recommend bailing out of the game and burning a life. It’s not worth the frustration.

  • H

    I love your honesty. This level better be rebalanced!

  • adylan

    i beat the level with no cheats or extras tonight! i don’t know if it’s been rebalanced since your post – i don’t think so, because i didn’t see it in the last list of updates. it took days and days of trying, but i did it. i found it easier than 85. that was definitely the hardest for me. took weeks!

  • Gaimer

    I beat the level with 6 moves remaining. Also, i do not think, if its been rebalanced after your post.

  • Tippa

    I cleared it on my 2nd attempt. Clearing the anchors to start with is the key and then just squaring it up. I found the earlier fire levels much harder, and totally frustrating