Operating Systems for Your Brain

If your brain required an operating system like your computer does, what
would it be like?

Windows for brains:
You  think about one of any number of things at anyone time but only for a
short amount of time because then your mind goes blank as you encounter a
“general  protection fault” and as a last resort you have to re-boot your

DOS for brains:
You only think of one thing at one time, and can’t remember anything else you
were meant to be thinking about. You think only in words and never any

Unix for brains:
Wow – you can think of lots of things all at once until your brain runs out of
sockets. You can only talk though with people who have brains made by the same
vendor. Unfortunately you also never make any sense and have to read manuals to
learn  how to think. Predominantly a random thinker.

CP/M for brains:
A very slow and old fashioned thinker. Any thing you remember has to be less
than 3 letters long.

MVS/CICS for brains:
You have a very big and expensive brain. You can think about many things at the
one time but never now what other parts of your brain are thinking unless you
have set up SNA connections between sections of your brains. You also need an
army of system programmers to define what thoughts you may and may not have.

OS/2 for brains:
You can think about lots of things at once, but you need the equivalent of
eighteen sets of encyclopaedias in memory to produce any rational thought.
No-one supports your way of thinking and many laugh at you whenever you speak.

Mac for brains:
Simple thoughts for simple people. Thinking that looks good, feels good, and is
… different…

Pick for brains:
I now narthing. Narthing Mr Fawlty.

AmigaOS for brains:
You can think of lots of things at once, even with a very small memory. The
trouble is that, sometimes, one thought starts to think about the things
another to compelling need to wrap a teatowel around your head and sit,
crosslegged, on the floor.

Linux for Brains:
You can think of any number of things and not run out of sockets.
Unfortunately,  there is no support for your particular limbs, ears, mouth or
…. thingy…. available yet, so you are reluctant to change over at this