You might be a Buffy Junkie if…

You might be a buffy junkie if…
# Own a full set of at least one season of Buffy cards
# Are always relating everyday situations back to a Buffy episode
# Can describe in full detail the relationship between Buffy and Spike from beginning to end
# Know what the heck Drusilla is talking about
# Squeeled with delight when Buffy and Angel first kissed
# Screamed when Oz left
# Hated Veruca’s guts
# Made a summary of every episode including the original unaired pilot
# Have a horrible day until you think of a funny BTVS quote
# Have unlocked everything on Chaos Bleeds (the game)
# don’t drink beer until you remind yourself that Buffy turned into a cavegirl from the beer in the episode “Beer Bad”
# Know the lyrics to all the songs in the musical episode “Once More, With Feeling”
# Rant to yourself about Buffy