Your band might be a sell-out if…

Your band might be a sell-out if…..

1. Music you wrote and recorded is constantly heard on top 40 radio.
2. You see yourself on MTV more than once a week.
3. You have more female fans than male fans.
4. You went to a mall and saw at least one t-shirt advertising for your band.
5. Merchandise advertising for your band isn’t only t-shirts.
6. You saw your picture with your bandmates on the front of Rolling Stone magazine.
7. Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel will even play your videos.
8. You have been asked by more than five companies to do a commercial.
9. You became a millionaire in one year despite the fact you dropped out of high school.
10. You can’t take a leisurely stroll without everybody forming a crowd around you,asking for your autograph.