You might be a cat lover if…

You might be a cat lover if…
–You laugh or say, “Oh, aren’t you clever,” when your cats misbehave.
–Your cat’s picture is your wallpaper on your computer at work.
–You get into discussions with people about whose cat(s) are smarter/funnier/cuter. . .
–including your boss and your mother.
–You choose your music based on what your cats like. (I love hard rock and metal but never listen to it at home because my cats hate it.)
–You have ever posted to the Bad Kitty or Bad Human lists.
–The only meat in your house is in your cats’ food.
–If you get flowers from a guy, you hide them even before you see the cat looking hungrily at them.
–You have ever taken an entire roll of film just of your cats.
*If something furry at your feet in the shower doesn’t bother you (yes, my cat LOVES the shower!)
*If you have a towel in your bathroom for the cats
*If your Mom shows everyone pictures of her “grandkitties”
*If your parents are happy that the only grandchildren they have wear a permanate fur coat
*If you pick clothes and furniture based on what doesn’t show white fur
*If the $100 you spent on the Littermaid could possibly be your best investment
*If you own multiple lint rollars yet only use them for guests or really important outfits