TwoDots Level 123 Tips and Strategy

I’ve had good luck with the following combo:

  1. First line in the left column.
  2. First line in the middle column.
  3. First line in the right column.
  4. Work your way back up clearing from the bottom.

Top down seems obvious, but it leaves you with far fewer moves by the time you clear the last block, and you need all the open spaces you can get open for clearing lines with squares.

Also, if you have a pattern like the following


you’ll find that clearing the ‘bb’ row will form a square because of the teleport.

There are probably other patterns to look out for that don’t occur on other boards, but the diagonal ‘Y’ straddling the columns was the first one to set off a light bulb for me.

Clearing dots horizontally or in groups of 3 near the bottom is a good way to get “shuffle”, which helps when you’re nowhere near making a square. Clear squares from the top when you have them and work from the bottom when the board looks hopeless.