TwoDots Level 122 Tips and Strategy

This is a deceptively hard level.

You start out with 35 moves and 5 color dots for which you have to clear 41 each. That’s a little under 6 dots per move, average.  (Update: with the 1.1.2 update, it’s a little better than the “next-to-impossible” it was before… you now get 38 moves.

Clear the blocks in the middle from top down as efficiently as possible. If you start on a level in which you won’t be able to do this, you might as well restart. Exit and re-enter the game if you don’t start with a square on one side that matches the color of other dots touching other parts of the blocks.

Even with all this, you’ll still need a solid run of squares, because you’ll need to clear about 7 dots per move to make it. Positioning moves that clear two dots will eat into your moves. I ended up with frequent occasions where even squares just cleared the four dots because of no other matching colors.

Don’t forget the teleporting from left to right.

Good luck. This level isn’t as frustrating as Level 110 from game-to-game (no fire, of course), but after a while, it will make you question your ability to think clearly.