You might be taking the beanie babies thing too far if…

An oldie from the first days of…

  • you spend so much money on beanies that you can’t afford beans.
  • you kick out your grandmother so the beanies can have their own room.
  • someone asks you how many kids you have, and you answer, “1030… but some are doubles.” ( SlipStream )
  • whenever McDonalds has Beanies, you run from one McDonalds to another just to get the full set. ( Michele )
  • you hold up the line at McDonald’s for twelve minutes and seventeen seconds arguing with the cashier who says they are of a particular beanie baby.
  • you knock over 5 old people just trying to reach the beanie aisle.
  • you actually consider sleeping with that teenage cashier at McDonalds just so you can get all of the stupid things. (Visitor Submission)
  • if you and your coworkers take turns faking sick so that you can be in line to purchase the newest Beanie Babies… (Trippin’ Daisy)
  • On Beanie Babies day at the ballpark you take 30 kids, pay for all their tickets, and require them to give their Beanie Babies to you after you go through the gate (actually happened). (Japkin)
  • you’ve ever assaulted someone just so you could have first pick of the beanie babies.
  • whenever McDonald’s has them, everyone in the house gets a Happy Meal.