You might be a biker if…

  • going 4-wheeling means your old lady has her own bike.
  • your gloves don’t have any fingers.
  • you prefer to pee outside.
  • your beer preference is BEER.
  • you treat your leather better than your woman.
  • you wash your bike more than you wash yourself.
  • rock-and-roll is the only kind of music.
  • you think Jack Daniels is your best friend.
  • you ride instead of walk down the aisle.
  • you pass out with a beer in your hand without spilling a drop, and finish drinking it when you wake up in the morning.
  • Kentmontgomery

    You have a saddlebag to put your hemorhoids in.
    You can’t hear a word your wife says but you can name a motorcycle by exhaust note alone.
    You think of the money you spend on bare necessities in motorcycle parts.
    You’d spend ten hours working on a bike that doesn’t run over ten minutes on a car that does.
    You can remember the cam a guy has in his bike but not his name.
    If you could take the bar exam with your jailhouse law degree.