You might be a band geek if…

  • during concert season you wish you where out on the field. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you can be found before school, at lunch, and after school down in front of the band room with all the other band members. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you spend more time in the band room then at your own house. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you are way too protective of your cubby hole. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you role your feet marching everywhere. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you look forward to band camp every summer. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you relate with the band nerds is the movie American Pie. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • the only dresses you have are black and concert style. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • for guys, the only dress clothes you have are dress slacks and tuxedo shirts ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you go to parades that you are not in and make sure lines are straight, horn angles are parallel, and everyone is on step. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you listen to the classical station and can name off songs that you remember playing in band. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you take comfort in the sound a baton makes banging agaisnt a podium. ( Jennie *Goober* )
  • you own your own E-flat clarinet. (Jamie)
  • you visit your band director everyday at his house.
  • …or you babysit his kids for him.
  • you can play every cadence the drum corps plays despite the fact you play clarinet. (Colt_saa_45)
  • From Miranda:
    • you always start off on the left foot.
    • you can’t walk and listen to music at the same time without marching to the beat.
    • your fondest memories of high school are from being in the band.
    • your best achievements have included becoming first chair and section leader of more than one section.
    • when you hear your favorite songs from band you can’t help but do the fingering for the notes with the song.
    • you don’t know the melody of a song because you only remember the part you played in band.
    • you can pick out all the different parts in any song.
    • …and name the instruments that play them.
  • you still wear your band shirt, from your senior year–ten years ago. ( HeidiPR )
  • you count down the days remaining until field band camp. ( matt )
  • you have a favorite cadence. ( melvan )
  • you walk in step with your friends in the hall, in the street, across campus… ( logan )
  • …or scream “LEFT, LEFT” at people out of step with you.
  • you conduct every time you hear a song play on the radio. ( seamz3 )
  • you proudly show off your trumpet mute collection. ( Jenn )
  • you’ve managed to build a beach-side hut using your old reeds. ( jessa )
  • you constantly sing old band tunes three or four years after graduating.
  • you go back to your old high school to help with summer band practices. ( star437 )
  • you try to hurt the other band at a football game. ( star437 )
  • Anne

    When the guard isn’t as stuck up as you thought…(or even more than you thought!)

  • Steph

    you know you’re a band geek when there is a fire drill and you run across the school to the band room to get your instrument

  • Mari

    You might be a band geek when:
    You can find the time and key change in any song
    You threaten people that you’ll “shove this instrument so hard” up some place bad
    You’ve been on the loading crew at least 3 times voluntarily
    You listen to a Senior no matter what section they’re in
    Every year there’s a conspiracy to prank your drum major(s)/majorett(s)
    You make up sexual inuendos involving slide grease and valve oil.
    You’ve nearly beaten up a freshman for putting up their uniform wrong
    You keep all your flip-folders from marching season
    You have all your music from begginer band all the way to graduations.
    You’ve tried to steal the director’s baton or the major’s mace or whistle at least once
    You’ve always wanted to shove the director or major off the podium for fun.

  • IknowyouColt45

    you tell the football players to get off the band field

  • Badevilrox

    you play with pencils or your finger on your desk during class.

    you get mad when the school plays the fight song, the origional, not your band.

    you stare down jocks that think “band camp” is nothing like it truely is and wish you could strap a drum on them and make them take your shoes for once.

  • Canwepretend

    Your “locker” is your slot.

    “8 to 5” is not a work hour.

  • Patty Villarreal :) <3

    your feet are together, your stomach is in, your shoulders are back, your head is up, and your eyes are with pride 24/7

  • Storm

    you go back to your school 20 years after you graduate, and can still play the fight song from memory.

  • Patty Villarreal :) <3

    when you enjoy looking at other bands pictures

  • Leslie:)

    you only date people in the band(im the trumpet section leader dating a drummer!!!)

  • Stormyyyyy

    you always roll your feet, never lock your knees, yell “LEFT, LEFT” to the people in front of you, and always stand or sit one inch taller than you really are

  • tenorsaxist

    xolor gaurd, the only place where you can whip it, strip it, and flip it in public…that was for you ginger. practice safe sax, wear a neck-strap…that was for me. mccain, obama, and trombone, out of the three i would vote trombone…that was for you vasman. blame the lead trupet…that was for my twin.keep your toes up, oh wait your pit percussion. that doesn’t matter for you…for my bff dora.if a trumpet was used to represent god in the bible, then clairinets must represent satan…thought you would like that meggy. you cant hate a flute player just because the frequency of it is high enough to kill you…my other bff katie.and for us all WHAT HAPPENS AT BAND CAMP STAYS AT BAND CAMP, that should be a life lesson for us all.

  • Leslie:)

    you hear a song on the radio, and try to match the notes to your instrament

  • TptGurl101

    as soon as you graduate, you become a band booster at your old high school for the rest of your life

  • Stormyyyyyyyyyy

    you wear your band shirts to school

  • TptGurl101

    you fill up your jeep and drive to sonic every friday, and the only thing that you read is sheet music

  • Stormyyyyyyyy

    you HATE to fight, but you will beat up anyone to be the section leader

  • ClarinettingLikeABoss!

    You know your a band geek when:
    -You look forward to high school band because their uniforms have capes.
    -Your mind is 98% perverted jokes
    -You find yourself air fingering in class while loudly humming the song.
    -You sing your part of the school fight song.
    -You spend hours looking at field shows on YouTube.
    -You want to yell at the stupid freshmen (even though you are one.)
    -100 degree weather is nothing. When other people complain, you tell them to try wearing long overals and a thick jacket.
    -You can sing every section’s part.
    -You wish you could tell football players how easy they got it. 
    -You are not afraid to be yourself in public when with your fellow band geeks. (Most of the time earning you strange looks from the non band geeks around you.)

  • Brendan Reid

    if you go to college football games just to watch the bands at halftime