You might be a history major if…

You might be a history major if….
1. You find yourself correcting your parents on their history (especially since the last history class they had was in high school…apparently, my dad thinks that Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the Wright Bros.).
2. You find yourself correcting YOUR PROFESSORS on their history…and they admit they’re wrong.
3. You enjoy watching the History Channel.
4. You tape history biopics.
5. You tape history documentaries.
6. You imagine yourself making commentaries on history like the historians do in the documentaries.
7. Your personal library has several books on history.
8. You buy old, used history textbooks at the Used Book Store.
9. Your parents ask you for questions related to history.
10. Family members ask you for questions related to history.
11. You are preoccupied with what you are going to write your master’s thesis on while you’re at the end of your sophomore year in college.
12. Ever since you got that A in world history back in high school, you’ve wanted to take it over again (though it wasn’t allowed).
13. Your friends back in jr. high kept telling you how “useless” history is.
14. You told your friends how USEFUL history is back in jr. high.
15. You shudder at the thought of majoring in something boring like business or finance.
16. You’ve often pondered things like, “what would happen if Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo?”
17. You felt the History Channel was dumbing down its audience when they came up with the show called “hands-on history.”
18. You got upset when the History channel cancelled the show, “In Search of History.”
19. You often imagine what it’s like to be in a particular era in time.
20. You’re into your junior year of college and you’re still figuring out what kind of history to specialize in.
21. Various historical figures make your list of “most admired people”
23. Your personal hero lived over 500 years ago.
24. Your #1 destination is the Library at Alexandria
25. You remember the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and get upset when people get it wrong (which is all the time)
26. You correct mistakes in your history textbooks and you’re in high school.
27. You observe your favorite historical figures’ birthdays and death anniversaries.
28. You got digital cable because that’s the only way you can get the History Channel where you live.
29. You complain about inaccuracies in “historical” films.