You might be a high school freshman if…

You might be a freshman in highschool if…
1. You sign up for every club available.
2. You make a point of dressing like and acting like the social group you wish to infiltrate…
3. …and habitually walk by their “spot” an average of 12.5694 times each lunch…
4. …buying food each time so you don’t look suspicious
5. You walk around pretending to be drunk and/or stoned
6. Someone calls you a tweaker and you say “thank you”
7. You still think guys have cooties…
8. …and still chase them around at lunch
9. “you know, you don’t seem like a typical freshman” is a compliment of the highest caliber.
10. You walk around asking people if they’re “Gothic”
11. You don’t know what a poseur is.
12. Teen magazine is your bible.
13. You are on intimate terms with a trashcan.
You actually fall for that one about the pool being on the 3rd floor.
You shut yourself in your locker when that football playing senior walks by.
You’re the one hanging from the hook in the coaches office because you were in the way again.
–You have no idea what “the Commons” is
–You are the towel boy…for the Arm-Wrestling Club
–“Is this island completely surrounded by water?”
–You ask the school counselor about taking a class in the “custodial arts” cause a Senior suggested it to you.
–Get spotted in the Greenhouse because someone told you it was the Sex Loft.
–Stole a book…from the school library
-you are intimately acquainted with the insides of every dumpster on campus
-you actually bought an elevator pass, and your school only has one floor.