Lucktastic iOS App Review 

Day 1 – installed app from an ad on another app. Played all of the available scratch-offs and free entries but didn’t play any extras or do any extra sharing except tying in to Facebook. Collected 270 tokens and a $1 win. Each scratch-off offers up to 10 tokens per play as a bonus, regardless of whether it’s a winner. The Amazon gift card reward option is 23000 for a $5 gift card, so I was doing a little better than 5¢. A few more scratch-offs came available that night, so I added another 30 tokens.

Day 2 – collected second consecutive day bonus and watched all app videos + a few other videos for points. Up to 1007 tokens and $1 in prizes, or about $1.22.

Day 3 – There was an outage most of the day, but played all of the “scratch-offs” and won 50¢ on a bonus play for one of them. I also went ahead and followed/liked on social media sites for an extra 4 plays (extra 20 tokens from bonus plays). No videos today, but between daily bonus (250 tokens) and bonus plays (and nightfall games), I’m up to 1494 tokens and $1.50 in cash–so about $1.82 total.

Day 4 (morning) – 350 token bonus today. Won tokens (50 and 25) in scratch-offs. Received 149 more tokens from bonus plays. Up to $1.95 in tokens and cash this morning, but, of course, there should be more plays in the nightfall games.

2114 in tokens after the nightfall games, so roughly $1.96 total.

Day 5 (morning) – 500 token bonus today. Won tokens (25) in scratch-off. Received 191 more tokens from bonus plays, including the new unlocked scratch-off for the fifth consecutive day of play. Up to 2830 tokens and $1.50 cash, or roughly $2.11 total.

After nightfall games, I had 2865 tokens, or $1.97 total, and watched app promos to get me to 3000 tokens, or around $2.15 total with the $1.50 in cash.

Day 6

Mystery bonus today was 20 additonal entries in the $1,000,000 drawing, and only collected 203 tokens from all the scratch-offs. After the nightfall games, I had 3285 tokens, or $2.21 total. Definitely a smaller reward for the 6th consecutive day.

Day 7

Mystery bonus today was 300 tokens. I’m up to 3844 tokens (83¢ worth) and $1.50 in cash prizes.