TwoDots Level 139 Tips and Strategy

When you first get into level 139 of TwoDots, you’ll think finishing the level off will be incredibly easy: Clear dots, no special obstacles, and after a few moves, you’ll be making a square every time.

Unfortunately, you have to clear so many dots that you have to choose wisely once you get to making squares.

  • Get to your first square as efficiently as possible. Every move counts.
  • Your first squares will probably require any major decisions… it’s better to clear a square than almost anything less than a square.
  • After you make your first square or two, conserve clear dots for when you need them.
  • Favor completing squares that clear the most dots of a color.
  • Favor completing squares that clear dots that you still need to clear if an equal number of dots is cleared by either.
  • Favor completing squares that require the least clear dots if two options clear an equal number of dots that you need otherwise.

I also like to save a square of clear dots for near the end when I have almost all of my dot quota met.