TwoDots Level 118 Tips and Strategy

You have 20 ice blocks to break in 33 moves on this one.

Again, think of this set up as a pair of continuous columns.

The left pair of columns never changes patterns, with the top row and bottom row matching colors (I think always red, as well).

The rest of the board is random.  Restart the level if your first 10 moves are going to be spent clearing blocks from the top down. You want to see at least a few sets of two and three dots in the middle and right column when you start.

I experimented with skipping creating the square in the left column, but it doesn’t seem to be a trap.

After a good start, just look for pairs of dots of the same color in the left and right side of the pairs of columns and ways to clear dots to line them up into a square. Once you get on a roll with squares, this board clears pretty quickly.

Be sure not to get tunnel vision with squares at the end. One of my last three ice blocks always seems to be unbroken, and at that point, clearing ice from top (and left) to bottom (and right) is in order.