You might be a Twitter Spammer if…

(Tip:  To report spam, follow @spam on Twitter and then direct message the @username – e..g., “d spam @spammer”)

  • You @-reply people you don’t follow with links.
  • You still have the default avatar (Hint to anyone who hasn’t yet)
  • You have been suspended on a regular basis: “Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity. Mosey along now, nothing to see here.”
  • You have one update, yet you add 100 people to your follow list every day.
  • You repeat your same tweet w/ blog post several times a day, and freely admit that it wasn’t a technical glitch on the part of your Twitter client.
  • Shamwow
  • Your followers count is in the single digits, but you’re following 100-1000 people.
  • Your URL goes to a horribly ugly site with black and red bold sans-serif text, sporadic yellow highlights, occasional ALL CAPS and exclamation POINTS on a white background!!!
  • You URL has a video of you pulling $2,000 cash.
  • You are following nor followed by anyone, and regularly send @reply messages advertising your product.
  • You follow people at random and drop them as soon as they’re following you.
  • You have a “system” for making lots of money.
  • Automatic direct messages with links to new followers.
  • “Be-a-magpie”
  • Your “name” associated with your Twitter ID consists of a 6-letter combo of the letters a-s-d-f.
  • All @replies.
  • No status updates.
  • No profile, url, default background…