You might be anal-retentive if…

  • you eat the M&Ms in color order.
  • you fold your dirty clothes before putting them in the hamper.
  • From Miranda:
    • you have to have all boxes in the kitchen facing the same way and in order by size.
    • you have all your canned goods organized by type, flavor, and use.
    • and they’re all facing the front.
    • all you books, CDs, and movies have to be alphabetical order.
  • you require no less than 200 threads per inch on your sheets. (Peggy)
  • …and they are tucked so tightly that you really could bounce a quarter on them.
  • you alphabetize your spices. ( Bert )
  • you actually bother trying to convince someone that the 3rd millenium hasn’t begun yet (or that it *has* begun).
  • you organize your closet by color, season, and fabric. ( Jennifer )
  • you flame every person who sent you email because the emails weren’t spelled correctly or gramatically correct.
  • you remove the tires to wash inside the wheel-wells of your vehicle. (Pat)
  • you collect the little postcards in magazine issues…
  • …for recycling.
  • every e-mail reply that you send has been through a grammar checker…
  • …and you correct the original message.
  • you’re on a “calorie-counting” diet and you count the calories in the hot sauce on your “Big Beef Burrito Supreme”
  • you fold up take-out food wrappers and neatly place them in a package before throwing it in the trash.
  • lol. You mean you’re not supposed to alphebitize your spice rack?

  • Kelkat

    The ‘r’ is missing from what should be ‘your’ in the sentence, “all you books, CDs, and movies have to be alphabetical order.”

  • If your toilet paper has to fall over the roll instead of under

  • David

    You require more details concerning the specific contents of your tater salad!