You might be a weather freak if... 
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  • You hear the word “menopause” and think of mesopause.
  • You’ve ever tried to derive, using mathematical equations, exactly what would happen if a certain cat-5 hurricane slammed into New York.
  • When a severe thunderstorm hits, while everyone else is trying to rush indoors, you rush outdoors.
  • You’ve ever plotted weather maps for other planets.
  • You’ve ever supplied lecture material to your teacher.
  • You’re the webmaster of at least one weather-related site.
  • You’ve ever sent a letter to a major weather site informing them of an error in their site.
  • You’ve ever wanted to move to a Third World country solely because of the weather there.
  • You actually liked the old Weather Channel music.
  • You’ve ever harassed Cornell University for their refusal to provide the climate data they record at no charge.
  • You get really aroused when a hurricane makes landfall anywhere.
  • You think of everything in terms of “hot and cold”.
  • You’ve ever dreamed of melting the Arctic to eliminate winter in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • You’ve ever dreamed of sending an asteroid down to earth to start a new Ice Age in both hemispheres.
  • You can write a complicated weather forecast program in FORTRAN that will parse the input values of the ETA, NGM, and AVN models, but you can't write a program that will print out "Hello, World!".
  • You became an atheist when God failed to provide a white Christmas.
  • You feel insanely jealous whenever a weather station further south records a white Christmas that you miss.
  • You think of Armageddon as being a weather-related disaster.
  • You’ve ever sent someone you hate a weather forecast for Hell.
  • You went to see Twister for the tornadoes.
  • You set your watch to Zulu time.
  • You sympathize with ski resorts when they have a bad season.
  • You’ve ever created a forecast of the results of global warming that you know isn’t true but wish it was.


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