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Getting Back at Bad Drivers:

  • HOW TO DRIVE LIKE A MORON--if you haven't done something listed on this site, you probably haven't driven much (if at all).   You might find a few of your own personal bad habits here, but more likely is that you'll find more of other people's bad habits.
  • D.U.D.s -- Database of Unsafe Driving--if some bad driver just completely ruined your day (especially if you got the license plate number) you can add that driver to the list.  A much safer way of getting even than getting behind the wheel.

Computer Illiteracy:

  • Computer Stupidities--top notch archive for all of the tech support nightmares.
  • Tech's Support--shorter stories, many re-runs, but entertaining nonetheless.
  • Tech Tales--Amazingly large "longer stories" archive.  Not much for appearance, but a lot of content.  Some repeat stories (maybe because no good archive would be without them) but a lot of apparently original material. 

Job Humor


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