Lucktastic App, Week 3 Results

In week 1 using the Lucktastic app, I won 3,875 in tokens and $1.50 in cash prizes. Only one of those days didn’t have a daily bonus of tokens. At 130,000 tokens for a $50 Amazon GC, that total value is about $2.99.

In week 2 using the Lucktastic app, I won 3,478 in tokens and no cash prizes. Three of those days didn’t offer a daily bonus of tokens. That added about $1.34 in prizes to my total, to $4.33 (7,353 in tokens and $1.50 in cash).

This week, only 2,580 in tokens were won, including only two daily bonuses (400 and 350) in tokens. This added about 2580 tokens, or 99ยข, to my total (9,933 in tokens and $1.50 in cash).

I never really expected this to be a big money maker, but there is a definite feeling that the “rewards” are diminishing as time goes by. At this point, I’m not sure I can tolerate messing with the app long enough to “earn” a $5 Amazon GC.

Lucktastic iOS App Review, Week 2

In week 1 of playing around with Lucktastic, I got $1.50 in cash prizes and about 3875 in tokens, including 1750 in daily bonus. If you are holding out for the $50 Amazon Gift Card for 130,000 tokens, that’s a total of about $2.99 in cash and tokens.

Week 2 had a few more days of “prize entries” instead of token bonuses… I only got 1550 in daily bonus and no cash prizes, and only 3478 tokens total, so the bonuses and prizes have slowed down a bit. And that’s with catching middle of the day and nightfall games.

Of course, all of this changes if I collect some larger prize. My question is whether I’ll keeping using the app long enough for that to happen.