TwoDots Level 116 Tips and Strategy

The first couple of moves should be able to set you up for making squares. There is almost always a move that you can make from the middle that will teleport dots from the side columns to set up a square.

The first several times through I ate up too many moves worrying about clearing out ice.

Just make squares and don’t worry about clearing ice unless a couple moves will obviously clear the board. Clearing enough colored dots  is much harder than clearing the ice itself.

TwoDots Level 109 Tips and Strategy

The strategy is simple, but making it happen may take a few tries:

Make big squares. If you’re not making squares regularly, you won’t clear the dots in a the moves you have.

Tip: If you surround three squares in an L-shape, that counts as a big square. I needed to make at least one of these to finish the level the first time.

TwoDots Level 113 Tips and Strategy

This level seems to set you up with an early square, but it’s broken up between the single column off to the left and the left column in the middle section.

Clear dots from the second and third columns in the middle section in order to line up your first square.

Also be sure that, if the choice between two squares comes up, that you make sure to clear a square for one of the colors that count first.

TwoDots Level 110 (Space Update) Tips and Strategy

The new “space” version of Level 110 makes it tempting to go for the squares on the left or right or clear the horseshoe immediately.



  • Clear the horseshoe shape first (Row 3, Column 3, up 3, right 2, down 2)
  • Use the squares as necessary to help you advance down the middle.
  • Clear from the sand stones at the bottom and up each side.
  • As with any other fire stage, avoid letting the fire be broken up into separate open fronts that can grow independently.

TwoDots Level 110 Tips and Strategy

(Update for new version… it’s a bit easier now, but the start is misleading.)

Beating TwoDots Level 110 is pretty challenging, but here are a few initial tips:

  • Drill down the center first, preferably venturing down one side of the open block or the other.
  • Whenever dropping down a one-dot-wide passageway, remember to have additional moves down that column ready so that you can make consecutive moves to beat the fire back.
  • When you make a move that clears the sand stone away but exposes fire on the other side, that dot that drops into the place where the sand stone had been will be consumed by fire immediately. (So don’t count it when planning the immediate next move).
  • You may have to let a square be broken up early, especially if using it will open up more fire paths.
  • Clear out all the way down the center and then open the sand stone on either side to join the fire.
  • Once you’ve joined the fire at the bottom, you can open up the sandstone at the top to clear things out.
  • Assault the fire with squares to clear it out.