Toy Blast Level 120 Tips

This level doesn’t leave you enough moves to meet the goal if you don’t focus on clearing one side. Start from the second level of building blocks on whichever side lets you clear two at a time (right side with the yellow blocks in this case). Clear from that one down to the bottom, hopefully getting a torpedo/TNT combo at some point to speed things along.

Tetris Blitz Tips

Tetris Blitz (Amazon affiliate link) is available on the Amazon Appstore for Android for Free (free to play)

  • Unlock Power-Ups when they are the Power Up of the Week
    • $2.99 ($3 off) to unlock
    • bug your friends
    • use the power up in 90 games
  • Buy the “No ads” upgrade. Then, the only ads you will see are the ones for free coins (1000 coins per ad)
  • Battles and tournaments still help you make progress against achievements.
  • Bronze tier battles: you’ll need 2-3 power ups, but a finisher is usually not necessary.
  • Silver tier battles: you’ll need 2-3 power ups, and a finisher is usually necessary.
  • Build up Tetris set ups (one column open) for the first 60-90 seconds of a game to run up your multiplier.
  • Rapidly clear lines the rest of the game.
  • The last 10 seconds of the game, be sure to have minos even stacked in every column.
  • Best combo items:
    • Power Ups
      • Blitzn: Drops one “gift” of 4×4 minos and two of 3×3 minos. You’ll often get a Tetris out of it, or at least a cascade.
      • Frostbite: Automatically results in a Tetris (which also increases your multiplier).
      • Twin rams: Inserts four rows of minos, which will *usually* result in a cascade or a Tetris.
    • Finishers
      • Gifting Tree or Birthday Cake – gives you a bunch of the power ups in your game which result in many cascades and tetrises if you pick the above power ups.
      • Instant Replay – only if you’re really good at big plays
  • Good combo items:
    • Power Ups
      • Avalanche: Not quite as nice as Blitzn, because you only get a wave of 3 rows of minos.
      • Time Shift: Really nice if combined with a finisher (like Inversion or Mino Rain) that doesn’t give you power ups at the end. Time Shift power ups from a finisher are usually wasted.
      • Lasers/Quake/Instant Frenzy: Really nice for clearing lines and getting cascades going, but can be useless if you don’t have much of a stack (and doesn’t add much if given through a finisher.)
      • Multiplier: Nice, but Frostbite gives you a Tetris score *and* increases your multiplier.
      • Magnet: Really good for Tetris setups, but doesn’t add to the score on its own.
    • Finishers
      • Inversion
        • If you’re meticulous about even distribution of minos, this may be a good one for you, but it’s hard to work with if you like setting up Tetris plays.


  • You can complete the last level of a daily challenge even if you haven’t completed the previous ones yet. The best example of this is the “Score [some number of points] using Amplifier”. The 3rd level of that challenge is 600K points, but you can load up on power ups, score over 600K in one game, and collect all challenge rewards at once.

Kentucky Lottery Keno Game Best and Worst Plays

Most of the play options for the Kentucky Lottery’s Keno Game provide an expected payout of 65 cents per dollar played. However, the worst play on the board is playing one number (1 spot). Its only payout is hitting *that* number, and only pays $2. That means that you can only expect 50 cents back per dollar played.

The best paying option in the game is the two number option. You’ll hit a little more often than 1 in 17 times, but the payout is $11 per dollar bet.

The top prizes in the 8, 9, and 10 number plays get divided up between anyone who happens to hit that prize at the same time as you do. It’s not very likely to happen, but it makes all the expected payouts for the 8, 9, and 10 number plays less than 65 cents.

Keno Expected Payouts, Red Numbers Slightly Lower than Listed Due to Split Prize Payout
Keno Expected Payouts, Red Numbers Slightly Lower than Listed Due to Split Prize Payout