Toy Blast Level 158 Tips

Focus on clearing the corners and middle with torpedoes and TNT. Beyond that, chain reactions with torpedoes help–but be sure to avoid making a cube power up before you’ve cleared much of the board. You’ll end up having to waste it and the moves it took to create and clear.

Toy Blast Level 157 Tips

You have 48 clears to make in 30 moves. Usually, with bubbles, that isn’t too bad, but on this level, the shape of the board makes the singles on the edge harder to clear. Don’t worry too much about the eggs. Make sure you make each move clear as many bubbles as possible. Even with that you’ll still need some luck to get through.

Toy Blast Level 156 Tips

You’re likely going to have to make a couple of moves to position like-colored blocks next to bricks to clear them. Once you clear a few blocks (hopefully up higher), you should be able to get some power-ups. Clear torpedo-making block combos above the toys on the chance that you’ll get a vertical one that will clear the toy. Otherwise, torpedo-torpedo or torpedo-TNT combos will help clear a pathway for the toys.

Lucktastic iOS App Review 

Day 1 – installed app from an ad on another app. Played all of the available scratch-offs and free entries but didn’t play any extras or do any extra sharing except tying in to Facebook. Collected 270 tokens and a $1 win. Each scratch-off offers up to 10 tokens per play as a bonus, regardless of whether it’s a winner. The Amazon gift card reward option is 23000 for a $5 gift card, so I was doing a little better than 5¢. A few more scratch-offs came available that night, so I added another 30 tokens.

Day 2 – collected second consecutive day bonus and watched all app videos + a few other videos for points. Up to 1007 tokens and $1 in prizes, or about $1.22.

Day 3 – There was an outage most of the day, but played all of the “scratch-offs” and won 50¢ on a bonus play for one of them. I also went ahead and followed/liked on social media sites for an extra 4 plays (extra 20 tokens from bonus plays). No videos today, but between daily bonus (250 tokens) and bonus plays (and nightfall games), I’m up to 1494 tokens and $1.50 in cash–so about $1.82 total.

Day 4 (morning) – 350 token bonus today. Won tokens (50 and 25) in scratch-offs. Received 149 more tokens from bonus plays. Up to $1.95 in tokens and cash this morning, but, of course, there should be more plays in the nightfall games.

2114 in tokens after the nightfall games, so roughly $1.96 total.

Day 5 (morning) – 500 token bonus today. Won tokens (25) in scratch-off. Received 191 more tokens from bonus plays, including the new unlocked scratch-off for the fifth consecutive day of play. Up to 2830 tokens and $1.50 cash, or roughly $2.11 total.

After nightfall games, I had 2865 tokens, or $1.97 total, and watched app promos to get me to 3000 tokens, or around $2.15 total with the $1.50 in cash.

Day 6

Mystery bonus today was 20 additonal entries in the $1,000,000 drawing, and only collected 203 tokens from all the scratch-offs. After the nightfall games, I had 3285 tokens, or $2.21 total. Definitely a smaller reward for the 6th consecutive day.

Day 7

Mystery bonus today was 300 tokens. I’m up to 3844 tokens (83¢ worth) and $1.50 in cash prizes.