TwoDots Level 138 Tips and Strategy

This level starts out with a square of clear dots and a square of red dots.

Clearing the square of clear dots first clears the board, but leaves you with no squares. It also feels like a trap.

I’ve cleared the board by clearing the square of clear dots first, but I’ve done better by clearing a square of the green dots + first row of clear dots, then clearing the red square from just above that, then having clear dots all over the board that will help make squares whenever the “natural” ones dry up.

A couple wrong moves will still burn you in the end, that’s why the first 2-3 moves are important.

  • DrPaul1960

    Level 138 is now the only remaining level on which I do not have 3 stars, and I have played it dozens (truthfully perhaps 100’s) of times. Does anyone have any advice on how to achieve 3 stars on this level. My high score is 296, which is apparently only enough for 2 stars!