TwoDots Level 110 Tips and Strategy

(Update for new version… it’s a bit easier now, but the start is misleading.)

Beating TwoDots Level 110 is pretty challenging, but here are a few initial tips:

  • Drill down the center first, preferably venturing down one side of the open block or the other.
  • Whenever dropping down a one-dot-wide passageway, remember to have additional moves down that column ready so that you can make consecutive moves to beat the fire back.
  • When you make a move that clears the sand stone away but exposes fire on the other side, that dot that drops into the place where the sand stone had been will be consumed by fire immediately. (So don’t count it when planning the immediate next move).
  • You may have to let a square be broken up early, especially if using it will open up more fire paths.
  • Clear out all the way down the center and then open the sand stone on either side to join the fire.
  • Once you’ve joined the fire at the bottom, you can open up the sandstone at the top to clear things out.
  • Assault the fire with squares to clear it out.