You might have grown up in the 90s if…

You might have grown up in the 90s if…
-Airwalk was ever your preferred shoe brand.
-You’ve ever wore a T-shirt under an unbuttoned button-down shirt.
-You’re STILL saving for a Dodge Viper.
-You taped every episode of Ren And Stimpy.
-You taped every episode of Beavis And Butthead.
-You know what the term “grunge” means.
-Your parents have ever walked into the coffeehouse and uttered the words,”Come home.It’s time for dinner.”
-Ditto if you were ever at the mall.
-You went back to your high school and recovered the drawer-full of confiscated hackeysacks. AND they ALL were yours and have a story behind them.
-You own EVEN one Poison Pog.
-AND you STILL know how to play the Poison Pog game.
-50% of your conversations were about what happened on Dawson’s Creek.