State Boundaries – Florida

The westernmost boundary between Florida and Alabama is formed by the Perdido River along its thalweg (lowest point) up to 31°N.   The northern boundary of Florida follows along 31°N from the Perdido River to the Chattahoochee River, then south to the confluence of the Chattahoochee and the Flint River. It then follows a straight […]

You might be house hunting in the DESERT…

On House Hunters today, somehow people with a massive house in the middle-of-nowhere-Phoenix have lots of demands on their new property. They want to move into the city. Traffic noise on a busy street is obnoxious. The master bathroom doesn’t have a bathtub (the main bath does) Everything is so small. A dance studio in […]

Ups and Downs of Working Remotely

Downside: “F— this, I’m goin home” doesn’t have the same impact when you’re ACTUALLY AT HOME. Downside: You lose some ability to discern what’s acceptable to wear in public. (Dirty workout gear? 5-day old jeans?) Upside: No one can see you working. Downside: No one can see you working. Downside: For those with office-dwelling co-workers, […]

Tetris Blitz Tips

Tetris Blitz (Amazon affiliate link) is available on the Amazon Appstore for Android for Free (free to play) Unlock Power-Ups when they are the Power Up of the Week $2.99 ($3 off) to unlock bug your friends use the power up in 90 games Buy the “No ads” upgrade. Then, the only ads you will […]

You might be an audiobook lover if…

you’ve left audiobooks in your car an had the plastic container for the cassettes warp around the tapes. you’ve run out of audiobooks to borrow at your library. you’ve listened to books longer than most avid readers have read. you welcomed the day Audible gave you a chance to listen to an audiobook without having […]